[Tips]Windows is not working properly?

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[Tips]Windows is not working properly?

Post  Admin on Sun Aug 03, 2008 10:55 pm

Is your Windows XP o.s (Operating System) not loading or crashing on a regular basis?

Some base pointers below:

Minor problem:
The best-case scenario is that a patch has had a detrimental effect on your system. If you authorize Windows Update to apply patches automatically, key Windows files may change without your knowledge or consent. Fortunately, whenever a patch or update gets applied (even if you manually replace a driver (by far the most common source of instability) the installer creates a system checkpoint, so it's easy to roll back the offending patch. If you're running XP, you can try using the System Restore feature to restore your PC to a state it was in before things stopped working. Otherwise, restart your computer, and as soon as you hear the PC beep (indicating the completion of its power-on self-test, or POST), press F8 and choose Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked).

Moderate problem
: If reverting to the last known good configuration doesn't help, a piece of hardware or system software has probably gone belly up. To investigate, you should crawl around your system using Safe Mode-a minimally functional way of running Windows that bypasses your start-up programs; ignores essentially all hardware except your keyboard, mouse, and monitor; and avoids your graphics driver (frequently a source of problems). To start in Safe Mode, reboot, wait for your system to finish the POST, press F8, and then choose Safe Mode. To check for hardware problems using Windows Device Manager, choose Start, Control Panel, Performance and Maintenance, System, click the Hardware tab, and click the Device Manager button. Any devices that appear with a question mark are immediately suspect: Double-click each to follow up. To uninstall any recently installed (and therefore suspect) software, click Start, Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs. When you feel you're ready to go, restart your computer and then allow it to boot normally.

Major problem: You've tried Safe Mode and it hasn't resolved the issue. Maybe one of your Windows system files has the hiccups. Before you reformat your hard drive, run a Repair. To do this, boot from your Windows XP CD; when given the choice 'To set up Windows XP now', press Enter. Accept the license agreement. Then, 'To repair the selected Windows XP installation', press R. Windows reinstalls all of its files and then restarts. Once your PC is running again, confirm that your firewall is working, go to Windows Update (Start, All Programs, Windows Update), and download and install all the patches your system requires.


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