[TuT]Speed up Firefox

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[TuT]Speed up Firefox

Post  Admin on Wed Aug 06, 2008 7:58 pm

I've tried this myself and it has significantly decreased my webpage load times.

Note: This is completely reversible if your not happy with the settings.

Open Firefox
On the address bar type in about:config

Navigate to the following keys

network.http.pipeling ------------>Set this to TRUE
network.http.proxy.pipelining ----->Set this to TRUE
network.http.pipelining.firstrequest------->Set this to TRUE
(Note: network.http.pipelining.firstrequest is only available on the OLD VERSION of Firefox)
http.pipeling.maxrequests--------->Set this to at least 30

Now Right click on that window and choose NEW>>Integer

Add an integer called
nglayout.initialpaint.delay and set it to 0

Done... This should significantly make your firefox browser much faster


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