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[Tricks]Xbox 360

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>>Xbox Dashboard - Hear Voices.
>>Naming your Console.
>>Resetting Parental Controls.
>>Hidden FMV sequence.
>>Viewing Music Animations on Xbox Dashboard.
>>Playing Burned Music Discs.

Xbox Dashboard - Hear Voices:

When you start your Xbox and when you are on the main dashboard, leave it alone for sometime. The screen will automatically get dark after sometime and you will get to hear some sounds and electronic voices.

Naming your Console:

Every Xbox console manufactured will have a "name" assigned to it at the factory. To know or view the name of your console,

Start the game of Halo.
Link the game from your Xbox to another Xbox and choose a linked play party.
The console will have names above their symbols in the pre-game stat screen.
To change your name, play challenge mode in Dead Or Alive 3 and complete challenge mode successfully.
You will be asked to enter a record name. Enter the name that you wish. (This will change your pre-assigned Xbox name).
Now. the title your Xbox is referred to the name that you have entered.

Important: This change will work only once, ensure you enter the right name you want your console to have.

To see your changed Xbox name,
Start Halo.
Switch to multi-player mode.
Select Split Screen -> Profile -> Location.
You will see a screen that reads "Waiting for more players".
There you should see your name with the Xbox picture above.

Resetting Parental Controls:

Navigate to Settings.
Select Parental Control option.
Press X, Y, L, X, at the passcode screen to reset the parental control setting to the default.

Hidden FMV sequence:

Insert an audio CD into the console.
Stop the CD when it begins playing at the CD player screen.
Press B, choose Copy and press A.
Choose Select All, press A.
Use the Copy option and create a new soundtrack.
Enter << Eggsox >> as a name. Select Done and press A to view a hidden "Thank You!" FMV sequence.

Viewing Music Animations on Xbox Dashboard:

Insert a music CD into the console and play it.
You will be able to see an animation in the jewel. To make this full screen, press Y then press X.
To go back to select the track, press any other button.
Note: You can also make the jewel full screen using the console DVD remote. All you need to do is press Info key on the remote.

Playing Burned Music Discs:

Burn music onto a CD-Rewritable disc (CD-RW not CD-R (write once)).
Insert it in your XBox console and you can copy them onto it.

Note: This also works with .MP3 files. The Xbox console can store .MP3s and play them. This saves a lot of space when compared to WAV files.

More to Come......


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