[Tips]Improving XP's performance!

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[Tips]Improving XP's performance!

Post  Admin on Wed Aug 06, 2008 7:57 pm

WARNING: Editing the windows registry manually can cause serious operating system damage if done incorrectly! Use at your own risk!

This is what you need to do if you want to somewhat improve the performance of win XP. Just follow the provided steps:

Start > Run > type: regedit

This with bring up the Registry Editor!

From here open the following folders until you get to Memory Management.


In this folder you will fine Memory Management. Just click on it don't open it. So make sure the contents of the folder is disployed in the right portion of the window. There should be a list of main "REG_DWORD" type files. You need to create a new one so right click go to new and click on "DWORD value."

Once this new file is created give it the name "IOPageLockLimit." In continuance open the file and give it a value corresponding to the amount of RAM that you have in a hexadecimal form.

examples: 128 > 4000; 256 > 10000; 512 > 40000; 640 > 64000; 768 > 90000.

Essentialy take the amount of RAM you have square it then convert into a hex value for anyone who has a different amount of RAM than I've given in my examples.

From here save that. Next you want to change the values of some of the others. I'm going to give a list of all the files that need to have a "1" for there value data:

DisablePagingExecutive; LargeSystemCache; WriteWatch.

Most of the others should have "0" for there value with the exception of SessionPoolSize, SessionViewSize, and SystemPages. Leave these values alone.

This should improve the performance of your XP OS.


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